Network Marketing is not for everyone, but it may be for YOU!

I know most Networkers are going to hate what I’m about to say, but I have to put this plain and clear, Network Marketing is not for everyone!” If you are not a self-starting, motivated, go-getter - here are the 10 things you should know before you get involved with the Network Marketing Profession:

  • 97% of Network Marketers FAIL Period! Unless you’re willing to be in the 3%. Network Marketing isn’t for you.

  • The Amateur Network Marketers on average will sponsor 2.2 reps in their entire lifespan, which is on average 93 days. High probability is that you won’t last more than 93 days.

  • 90% of Network marketers make less than $10 per week. Unless you’re willing to join the 10%, you’ll be making less than $10/week.

  • Those who make money in the Network Marketing profession are Leaders. They are warriors. People who make things happen. Unless you are willing to join the leadership club, you have a very small chance to make it in this profession.

  • 90 – 97% of people who you share the business to will reject you and some will even go to the extent of ridiculing you and some will loose your friendship. Imagine talking to 100 people and only 3 people say yes.

  • 90% of those who say yes to you won’t take the business seriously. They will be a big burden to your business.

  • Unlike a job where you earn wages, in the Network Marketing profession you only get paid when the company makes money. If they don’t buy products, forget about the 30 hours you spent advertising and promoting your company’s products.

  • Unlike a job where you earn respect from society, it is very unlikely that people will respect you building a business in a Network Marketing Company.

  • Unlike a job where you feel secure getting your income every month/week regardless of how much money the company made, it is not so in Network Marketing company. You might earn a $600 this month and get no money in the next month.

  • You’re highly going to find it stressful chasing your friends and family for you to get that sign up, unless you shift from what I call Desperation Marketing into Attraction Marketing.

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