No Sign-Ups Yet?

Have you ever wondered why YOU don’t get sign ups whenever you show the plan? Have you ever asked this question (IS THIS PROSPECT OUT OF HIS MIND?) to yourself after a prospect says NO to you?

You just showed him a MILLION DOLLAR opportunity and he said NO. WHY?

Have you ever wondered why a prospect says YES to your opportunity?

Is it really because of the Company? Or is it because of the Product? Would a person join your Network Marketing Company just because you have the best compensation plan?

To answer these questions you have to understand human psychology. Humans make any decision in life because of either of the two reasons:

  • Their need to move towards pleasure

  • Their need to go away from pain

If a prospect decides to join your network marketing opportunity he will do so only if he feels there is more pleasure and less pain in doing so. If he feels more pain and less pleasure he wouldn’t sign up even if his life depended on it. This is not rocket science, its pure common sense.

There are many reasons that a prospect will get into your opportunity, but the MAIN REASON is NOT THE COMPANY, NOT THE PRODUCT(S) and NOT THE COMPENSATION PLAN.

The MAIN REASON a person will join your opportunity is THE VALUE you give to your prospect.

The more valuable you appear to the prospect, the more attracted the prospect becomes.

Always keep that in your head. Remember when you were in college. Which lecturer did you like attending his/her class? Wasn’t he the one who gave you the most valuable information?

Wasn’t he the one who made you feel confident about the subject and feel more secure with your performance in your coming test? It is the same with Network Marketing.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the chances of your prospects becoming successful after joining your opportunity?

  • Are you an Asset to your prospect or Liability?

  • When you show the opportunity to your prospect, does he feel secure joining your opportunity?

  • If you were your own prospect, would you be successful?

  • How would the world be if everyone was just like you?

Now you see. It’s not about company, it’s not about the products and it’s not about the compensation plan. It is about YOU.

People will only join your opportunity if they see themselves being successful by working with you.

“Network Marketing is about Marketing and Leadership” Keep that in your head. The more you’re good at marketing, the more people follow you, the better you are at leadership, the more people you keep and build a stronger team. It’s that simple!

One of the biggest questions I hear is this…

Is it OK to brand my Network Marketing company, or should I brand myself first and have my

Network Marketing business on the back end?

So, my answer to this is to BRAND YOURSELF as quickly as possible. LEAD with value. Your

Network Marketing business comes later…


Well, there is only ONE you isn’t there? If you are branding your company first, then you are competing against hundreds of thousands of other reps…

Brand You and you have ZERO Competition…

It becomes easier to generate leads, build an audience, sponsor new reps and make more money.


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