How To Have A Casual Conversation About Your TLC Business

Mrs. Morgan - Tell me about TLC?

First, this is a true business with real products you would expect to find in your local health store. Most of the people who are involved with the business opportunity also use the products themselves. In other words the products work very well for most and have a true value to customers. Currently their best selling product line is the IASO Tea. There is such a huge demand for it the company had to change to a major manufacturer to keep up with orders. Orders jumped from 5000 a week to over 100,000 in a month for just this one product. It’s part of their Health and Wellness product line. Losing weight is a side benefit of drinking TLC’s IASO Tea. In reality this tea is a Detox Tea that clears your body of toxins that slows down or prevents the body from losing weight. The idea is to get rid of the bad stuff and replace it with more healthy foods. When you do this the tea can speed up the process and your results can be dramatic. There are many other products that are with high demand that sell very well for Total Life Changes.

Question: Can you Make Money Selling the Products?

There are multiple ways to make money promoting the Total Life Changes products. One of the ways taught by the company is to buy wholesale and sell retail. This means you buy the product at steep discounts as a distributor and earn profit after you mark up the price to your customers. You can also have your customers buy directly from the company website using your free TLC Affiliate website. This means no inventory. Doing it this way earns you a 50% commission on whatever is sold. TLC products can range from $40 to over $1000; however the flagship IASO tea cost $44.95 for a 1-month supply. Regardless of the cost you earn 50% off of each sale. If you are looking to do this your main concern will be putting your product in front of a large number of customers. Since the products are well received and actually produce results, persuading your customer to purchase the product is not to hard to do. A lot of people who are not good at selling things make the mistake of concentrating on what they will say to get a sale, but really it’s about finding people who are looking to lose weight, get healthy, or improve their outer appearance. In other word people with problems that TLC products can solve. Once you find that niche group, making sales with Total Life Changes is not really hard to do.

Question: Is Total Life Changes Suitable for Everyone?

Yes - I would like to think so. This is a legitimate business opportunity with real "in-demand" products. If you are going to offer an opportunity to someone it needs to be something that any person walking on the street can understand the value of, what is does, and why they needed, in a 2 minute explanation. If you have to do more explaining then this there is a good chance you will lose them. Total Life Changes makes it a point to market products that fall into this category.

Question: Do you become a salesperson when you Join?

TLC is a direct selling company but that does not mean you will speak to your customers directly. Most Independent Business Owners (IBO) point potential customers to online videos and their free TLC Affiliate website to do this for them. The videos and websites used by IBOs were created by the company to do the explaining for you. Since there are so many products to choose from this is a good thing for distributors.

Are there monthly membership fees?

With Total Life Changes there are no monthly membership fee required to remain an active distributor. Your purchase of a product automatically makes you eligible to receive commissions as a IBO. As long as you make at least one purchase per month from Total Life Changes your IBO membership remains active. As I said earlier, this is fairly easy since most of the people who are involved with the business opportunity also use the products themselves.

Is there a Secret to Having Success with Total Life Changes?

To answer your question its NO! The only thing needed is to be consistent with patience. It will take a little bit of time to learn a few new skills on how to make online sales and or how to search for people like yourself looking for an opportunity. And since there are 5 different ways to earn money with Total Life Changes. Selling products and building a team of IBOs are two very popular ways but there are other strategies others use to accomplish the same thing.

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