14 Mistakes That Network Marketing Uplines Make

Most people are likely to quit any new endeavor or project at the very beginning.

If you look at the statistics in Network Marketing the greatest dropout rate is within the first 60-90 days. So if we know that’s when most people quit, if you want to retain people make sure you launch them properly.

And that’s exactly where most uplines fail – They fail to properly launch their new reps. They sign-up a new rep, leave them to figure out everything on their own, while they go searching for the next person to sponsor.

If you don’t physically sit down with your new rep and launch them properly, they’ll most likely end up quitting.

The 14 Mistakes Uplines Make With Their New Reps:

1 – Fail To Create Duplication

The big money in Network Marketing comes from duplication.

Make sure that whatever you do with your new reps is easily duplicatable. Don’t look at a new rep as just a new rep. Look at them as a new leader that’s going to lead their reps. So whatever kind of training and coaching you’re going to do with them make sure that it’s something they can start off their new reps with.

2 – Fail To Create Momentum

There’s a law of physics which states that an object in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest.

Make sure you’re not spending a ton of time training new reps. Training is great, but at the very beginning, what you’re new rep needs is action quickly. Rather than spending two hours with a new rep, I’d rather get someone into action quickly and have them showing the business quickly and they’re more likely to keep doing it.

If you don’t get people into action quickly, they’re very likely to never get into action and you’ll never create duplication.

3 – Fail To Help Their New Rep Get Some Immediate Success

If you’re company has some jump-start bonuses, make sure you help your new rep qualify for them.

If you’re company doesn’t, make sure you help your new rep get some customers and new reps of their own or whatever it takes to at least help them make back their investment.

4 – Set False Expectations

If you set false expectations, whether before or after you bring somebody new into the business, by telling them how easy it’s going to be and how quickly they’re going to make money, as soon as they find out that it’s not as you said, they’re going to quit and they’ll never experience success.

You need to set clear and realistic expectations (depending on your company’s compensation plan and how much they can earn within their first month) and give them a path to run on.

5 – Fail To Set Goals With Their New Rep

Without some goals and directive, something for them to strive for, your new rep will be all over the place trying to accomplish too many things all at once and will end up accomplishing nothing and most likely quitting out of frustration.

6 – Fail To Find Out Their New Rep’s Why

If you don’t find out why your new rep got started in Network Marketing, you’re going to have a hard time motivating them when they feel like quitting.

In addition, if you don’t know what your new rep hopes to achieve with Network Marketing, you won’t know how hard to push them.

When I was a personal trainer the first question I’d ask my new client was, “What are looking to achieve here?” – Are they looking to gain muscle or to lose weight. Without knowing what my client is hoping to accomplish, it’s impossible for me to know how and if I’m able to help them.

If your new rep is just looking to make an additional $500 a month, you’re not going to push them as hard as one who’s looking to make $5,000 a month.

7 – Act Like Their New Rep’s Boss

Your new rep already has a boss. They’re trying to fire their boss. The last think they need is you trying to fill that role.

Be their leader and mentor and not their babysitter.

8 – Fail To Help Them Get Over Their Need For Approval

One of the biggest hurdles for anyone just starting out in Network Marketing is their need for acceptance and approval. They approach their friends and family seeking approval. You need to help your new rep understand that not everyone is going to approve of them becoming an entrepreneur, of them being in Network Marketing.

9 – Expect Too Much Out Of Their New Rep

Don’t expect your new rep to become a leader over night.

10 – Fail To Give Their New Rep Homework

If you don’t give your new rep something to do, they’re going to go home and they’re going to want to watch a million training videos and want to become an expert on the product. “Realize this,” Matt Morris said, “Ignorance on fire is a million times better than knowledge on ice.”

11 – Fail To Bring Up The Next Company Event

Many uplines are afraid to bring up events to their new reps. They think that their new rep just shelled out a few bucks to join the business and they don’t want to scare them off with bringing up more expenses.

Your new rep invested in the system, part of the system is attending events.

When signing-up a new rep, you don’t have to get them to sign-up for the next event and be like, “If you don’t sign-up I’m not working with you.” Just mention the event to them and by the local trainings the presenters will impress upon them the importance of attending events.

12 – Forget To Tell Their New Rep Not To Talk To Anyone Until They Get Properly Trained And Know How To Present And Share The Business And The Products With Others

If you don’t tell your new rep this, we know what happens. They go out and talk to a few a people who tell them no and then they think that it doesn’t work.

13 – Fail To Share Your Vision with them and Cultivate A Community

The reason I believe so many people enjoy watching and attending sporting events and following their favorite teams is because we all have a need inside of us to be a part of something bigger than just ourselves.

Some get that fill through sports, while others get it through being a part of a synagogue, church or simply a community.

Cultivate a community amongst your team-members and they’ll never leave you. Share with them your vision of you’re going to help so many people and grow your team from 10 to 30 to

100 to 1000 people and have massive hotel meetings all around the country.

14 – You Become Customer Service

Teach your new reps where to locate the answers to common questions and teach them how to use the company’s support lines.

There are many uplines who you might as well call them customer service because they’re constantly answering all back office questions. You’ll never have a massive organization if you’re also customer support.

Teach your new reps how to utilize the resources of the company. That’s why they get paid.

As soon as you learn how to build a team of leaders and not dependables your business will explode.

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