What 25 questions should every great sales/marketing person ask?

In sales or marketing you should be listening for 80% of the time and talking for 20%. If you ask the right questions, you will find out your prospect’s real needs and find a way to introduce your product/service/business as the solution. Remember three steps: (1) Ask a question, (2) Listen Re-affirm (show that you’ve heard what they say… sometimes as simple as just repeating back to them what they’ve told you), and (3) Provide solution.

These are my Top 25 Questions that you can use to start conversation either Online or Offline!

What do you do for a living?

1. How long have you’ve been doing that? (their job)

2. Do you love what you do? (their job)

3. Is there anything you don’t love about it? (their job)

4. What are your long term plans?

5. What’s the plan to accomplishing that? (the long term plan)

6. Oh you don’t have a solid plan? Would you like to see one? (the long term plan)

7. You know, I was in a spot where I had some goals and I didn’t have a plan either. I’m actually working with a mentor of mine that’s been great at showing me how to put my goals together. Would you like to learn about a plan that might help you with your long term goals? (the long term plan)

8. (Insert Compliment), have you ever thought about being your own entrepreneur?

9. Let’s say that money and time weren’t factors that we had to think of, what would you being doing right now?

10. What's holding you back from reaching your financial (or profit, or other) goals?

11. (Insert Compliment), would you be open to learning more about possibly working together part time, on the side, if it didn’t interfere with what you’re already doing?

12. What’s your passion?

13. Do you have any cool vacations planned coming up?

14. Most prospects will say that they either have no time or money for vacations. This is truly a sad thing, but keep your ears open so you can help them with your opportunity)

15. I’m looking for a few (Insert Relevant Occupation) individuals that might be open to a side project and making some extra money...do you know any?

16. What has you open to making some extra money right now? Also great for lead calls.

17. (if they have had an experience with another company) What was your experience (good and bad) with the other company? What do you want to be different this time around?

18. Do you have any kids or family?

19. What makes you lose sleep at night? Or what do you need so you can sleep at night?

20. Are you in a position with work where you can see your kids as much as you like? Inserting a common story inside prospecting is a very powerful skills and it helps with building rapport, opening their eyes to the situation and it’s a great way to find out if they are in that spot.

21. My mentor told me to keep an eye out for sharp people and we’ve been talking here a minute and I have to say (insert genuine compliment), would you be open to a side project and making some extra money if it didn’t interfere with what you’re already doing? This is great for introducing people to your sponsor. It also takes the pressure off you in the prospecting process. Some people have a much easier time being that connector and if you’re working with a team that will help you with presentations this is really powerful.

22. What problems do you see down the road that could obstruct or constrain our working together?

23. Have you ever wondered how to make money online/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc?

24. Does this opportunity sound like something that can solve your problems/make you feel better/address your issues?”

25. “I feel really good about this, I know this is going to work well for us. What’s the best way to get things underway? I could email you when I get back to the office… or I could just set something up for you right now. What works best for you?”

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