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The Mission of Dollar Deli is to train and employ individuals that are labeled “Developmentally Disabled/Special Needs,” supplementing their income.



Dollar Deli was incorporated in May 2008.  The Mission is to train and employ individuals that are labeled  "Developmentally Disabled/Special Needs,” supplementing their income.  Within our society there is a large group of people with a variety of developmental disabilities and/or special needs who have the skills and desire to contribute but are not given the opportunity. 

Dollar Deli recoginized that need and worked very hard to create a training program and provide job opportuinites for this underserved population.  Here at Dollar Deli, we strive to "inspire, enable, and empower" individuals with developmental disabilities and/or special needs, by providing them with the skills necessary to fulfill their God-given destiny and purpose.




Offer individuals labeled “Developmentally Disabled/Special Needs” the same opportunity to fulfill their God-given destiny and purpose that others without a disability experience.  

The state of our economy and the high unemployment rate affect this population of citizens greatly.  They are competing at a higher degree for jobs that were once available to them exclusively.  Positions that were previously set-aside for the special needs population are now being filled by the under-employed, displaced workers and retirees returning back to work.   


Dollar Deli provides individuals labeled “Developmentally Disabled/Special Needs” with training opportunities and connects its employees with the community that they live and work in. 

The individuals that work with Dollar Deli offers Dollar Deli much more than we could ever offer them.  Everyday of their lives are spent learning to overcome obstacles and solve problems. They’re motivated to succeed and are extraordinarily committed to being good employees.  Always remember:


           "Eating At Dollar Deli Is Eating With A Purpose,"


We serve military personnel, soldiers and general contractors five days a week from 7:30am -2:30pm at Michigan Army National Guard, Joint Forces Headquarters Lansing Michigan.


Planning an event and need catering services? You’ve come to the right place. 

At Dollar Deli you are “Eating With A Purpose.”  Dollar Deli is ready to help make planning your next event a stress-free process!  To get started fill out our Contact Form.

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